Can You Install Tile Without Grout?

rectified tile or tile without grout

How to Install Tile Without Grout.

Let’s face it, cleaning grout can be a pain if you have a lot of it. It’s not so bad on a tile floor, but a tile bathroom or shower where there is a chance of mold has to be done right. The best thing to do when having tile installed is to have the installation company seal the grout for you. It will cost a little more, but save you lots of time over the years in scrubbing grout lines in a bathroom.

rectified tile without grout linesMany people love the look and no maintenance qualities of tile, and ask us if there’s a way to install tile without grout lines. Yes, there is, but you have to use the right kind of tile and a tile installer who knows what they are doing.

Groutless Tile:

The tile you choose for a groutless installation must be manufactured to be squared, even in size, and have straight edges. This type of tile is called “rectified” tile. Even if all the tiles in a batch, or lot, look completely square, or all the same size, they usually are not. They can be off just enough to throw the entire floor out of square.

Edges and sizes can be off just a slight bit, and as long as you are using grout, that is okay, but, when you install tile without grout, the tiles have to all be perfectly (or as close as possible) square and even or it will throw the entire floor off.

Rectified tile is a very good idea for a shower stall or anywhere in a bathroom where moldy grout may be an issue.

You also will probably not find rectified tile at your local Home Depot. It usually has to be ordered from a professional tile distributor. If you are interested in rectified tile, please contact us and we can give you quotes and samples from our distributors.

Check with our on-staff interior designer before you order rectified tile or plan your remodeling project with using groutless tile in mind, there are some better materials and options that will provide the same look that may be a better fit for your remodeling project.