Hardwood Flooring Samples

Dark stain on white oak

Types of Hardwood Flooring we recommend in Wisconsin:

hickory hardwood flooring sample
Hickory hardwood flooring










Hickory is a very hard wood with wild variations between white and dark brown streaks that run throughout the wood. If you are looking for a rustic look with a lot of character, hickory is the way to go.

red oak hardwood flooring sample
Red oak flooring

Red oak is the most common species of hardwood flooring. As it ages, it will take on a reddish hue. If you are planning to stain your floor, keep in mind that any stain will also pick up that reddish tint.

White oak flooring sample
White oak flooring

As you can see if you compare this white oak sample to the red oak flooring sample above it, white oak has a green to whitish look void of all the red that is in red oak. If you are going to stain a floor, white oak stains the best without adding that red tint to the stain that red oak will.

Quarter sawn oak flooring sample
Quarter sawn oak flooring

Quarter sawn oak has beautiful streaks going across the grain. Usually more expensive than regular oak flooring, it will give a floor a very unique look.

maple flooring sample
Maple hardwood flooring sample

Maple flooring has a little more subtle grain patten than oak. It also does not stain well: it tend to be blotchy when stained, that’s not to say it can’t be stained, you just need a hardwood flooring company that knows how to do it right, like

beech flooring sample
Beech flooring sample

If you are looking for hardwood flooring without much grain or many knots, beech may be for you. It is a very blonde floor without what would be considered a “select” grade, which means not much variation in color, grain and not many knots.

bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring sample, carmelized, flat grain

Bamboo flooring comes in Flat Grain or Vertical Grain, Natural or Caramelized Finish, unfinished and pre-finished. The bamboo flooring we carry is just like any other hardwood flooring. Our bamboo flooring is solid 3/4 inch wood boards. To read more about bamboo flooring, see our page dedicated to it.

Black walnut hardwood flooring
Black walnut hardwood flooring

Black walnut flooring is becoming very expensive due to the fact that there are just not that many walnut trees that can be harvested for flooring. Walnut is becoming a very rare and exotic wood. Rather than doing an entire floor in walnut, try doing walnut feature strips or inlays for a very effective design concept.

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring
Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring

Brazilian cherry is one of the hardest wood flooring types around. Keep in mind that it will age very rapidly as most cherry does. It will go much darker and anywhere the sun hits it will age quicker than the rest of the floor. Brazilian cherry was popular flooring about 20 years ago, but is starting to fall out of favor due to its expense and difficulty in getting Brazilian cherry flooring that is milled properly.

Pine flooring sample
Pine flooring

All pine will yellow with age giving it a very rich look. Usually considered the most rustic-looking wood for hardwood floors, pine is relatively cheap and looks the best as wide plank flooring.

Antique heart pine
Antique heart pine

Antique heart pine flooring has a little more character than regular yellow pine. It has more red knots and red streaks to give it an even more rustic look than other pine flooring. Antique heart pine is often recovered from very old houses, re-milled, and then sold as flooring, however, it does not have to come from old houses. The term heart pine refers to the heartwood of the pine rather than the outer wood.

Yellow birch flooring sample
Yellow birch flooring

As the sample above shows, birch flooring has very little deviations from board to board and a very subtle grain pattern.

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