How to Clean Tile and Grout

grout mold on tile

Many years ago, people used wax products, like Mop ‘N Glo, on their tile floors: we wouldn’t recommend it. For one thing, wax tends to make tile floors very slippery, for another thing, wax on tile causes a build up that can yellow and discolor your tile over time and actually makes it more difficult to keep your tile clean: Instead it will just gunk it up.

Most ceramic and porcelain tile are sealed anyway, so putting wax on them will not do a thing but make them shiny and slippery. Unless you have a porous tile, like a clay tile that is not sealed, putting anything on tile is pointless, and if you do install a porous tile, it should be sealed by the tile installer as soon as they are done installing it.

Best way to clean tile.

The very best way to properly clean tile, on tile floors or a tile shower, is to just use vinegar and water in a 50/50 solution. Be careful what type of soap you use on tile. All soap products leave a film on the surfaces of pretty much everything unless you rinse afterward with a vinegar water rinse.

The best cleaning product in the world for cleaning tile showers is vinegar. Straight up vinegar will dissolve the residues and lime / mineral deposits left on your shower and tub from hard water.

cleaning shower tileWhat about cleaning grout?

Everybody hates to clean grout lines, which is why it’s so important to seal your grout every couple of years with a grout sealer. It’s time-consuming initially, but cleaning grout lines is time-consuming for years. If your grout already has mold and mildew growing on it, the only thing that will kill mold and mildew is hydrogen peroxide or bleach. Be careful about using bleach products on your grout too often because it will dry it out and make it crack and fall out. For a more long-term cleaning solution for grout, use Oxy Clean or hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is very inexpensive and will kill mold spores. It’s really the only thing that will without destroying your grout.

Once you have removed the mold, keep it away with this mold-treating spray. Mix 1/4 tsp tea tree oil in a spray bottle with a drop of soap and a couple drops of grapeseed oil. Top off with warm water to fill the spray bottle and shake well before each spraying. Spray your grout lines with this after  you shower and every month or more depending on how often your shower is being used. Mold is caused by bacteria and tea tree is a natural bacteria killer. The fact that this spray has a little oil in it means it will last a little longer between spraying so you don’t have to spray every time someone uses the shower.

Most important way to prevent mold in showers?

The most important thing to do is tell your tile installation company that you want your grout sealed. Don’t just assume they do it, because actually, most tile companies will not seal your grout unless you ask them to. It will still have to be resealed every couple of years, but an ounce of prevention in the very beginning, right after the tile is installed, will do the most good.
You new tile bathroom will look awesome right after you have it installed, it’s important to keep it that way with proper tile cleaning and maintenance.