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Preparing for Hardwood Flooring

Preparation for Hardwood Flooring

Preparing for hardwood flooring installation and finishing.

Before work begins:

  1. Please have all furniture and items removed from the work area, we do not remove furniture or belonging. (Do not forget about the closets).
  2. We do not sand around furniture or heavy items (pianos, fish tanks etc..,). If you elect not to remove item(s) from the work area, please let us know a.s.a.p. Floor Crafters reserves the right to cancel the work or will not be held responsible in any way for damage to items or the look of the hardwood floor installation or finishing.
  3. Exception to this would be the refrigerator (Please note: the refrigerator does not exchange air, it is a sealed box, but if you are concerned about the food inside the refrigerator / freezer it is recommended to remove the food. Floor Crafters will not be held responsible for any food in refrigerator / freezer) and cupboards. If we are installing hardwood in this area, opened food containers and boxes etc should be removed.
  4. Dishwashers: We will sand up to the item if it is not removed. We will not remove it unless flooring is being installed underneath the dishwasher.
  5. All pets and people must be out of the house while we are coating the floorNO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. We need a way to get into the house; house key, garage door opener, or door/garage code.
  7. A check for ¼, ½, ¾ or payment in full, depends on payment schedule. Please see your proposal.
  8. Food should not be left on the counters or in pantry, please remove and put in garage. Counter tops should be clear of all items. If you are unsure about food or any items, you should remove and put in GARAGE. 
  9. If you have Carbon monoxide detectors they need to be out of the house, remove power source and put in garage.
  10. We need 220 volt electricity close to the area to be sanded for our industrial equipment. Stoves and dryers are usually 220 volts; please do not block the area with items.
  11. When possible we coat out through the garage, please keep this area open.

Check list for Extras:

  1. If you remove the carpet and padding, all staples and tack strips need to be removed as well.
  2. If you are planning on removing base board from wall, please number the base and number the wall so base can be re-installed more easily.
  3. If you tape and tarp, all plastic needs to be secure and not touching the floor. Please do not forget about the drapes. If you can’t cover them, then they need to be removed. All plastic will be removed just before final coat and Floor Crafters will charge for this time.

Things to remember:

  1. Please close all windows before you leave.
  2. Do not enter the house during coating process (that would include people who are house setting or looking after the house when you are not here).
  3. During hot temperatures, please have A/C turned off. In cold temperature please have the furnace on.
  4. In some cases Floor Crafters will turn off pilot lights or turn off gas to some items. Owner is responsible to turn them back on.
  5. All speaker, cable TV, and internet cables need to be off the floor. It is best to disconnect them, taping them to the wall is OK, but Floor Crafters is not responsible for cables falling into floor finish. Please note: We will not install flooring over any cable or wires.
  6. How long will the job take or how long we need to be out of the house is always a popular question. Floor Crafters will work as quickly as possible, but slow as necessary to maintain quality. We can give you a timeframe, but will not be held responsible if extra time is needed to complete the job.
  7. If Floor Crafters is hired to tape and tarp, and if plastic is removed (entirely or partial) by owner, we will charge extra for re-taping and will not be held responsible for dust in any other parts of the house.